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Free Printer Audit

No business buys Printers often so each time choosing the Printer to buy can be a voyage of Discovery.
Guess what? There’s a good reason why Printers are featured at a very attractive buy price – for instance, it might be very profitable for the Manufacturer for you to use – because it’s actually rather expensive to run.

Here’s one example: There may be drums as well as cartridges to buy. So the apparent low price of the cartridges needs the cost of replacement drums added to give a true comparison of the Total Cost of Printing. Often Not So Cheap After All… (Hello Oki, Hello Brother Laser…)
Still good machines for special circumstances, but cost you more…

Maybe it is time to replace the old faithful or upgrade to a copier. Perhaps you would prefer a Fixed Rate arrangement which allows you to budget for Print at the same cost every month. Or for us to supply the Printer on our U Print deal in which you pay for consumables only and everything else is included
(no asset, no depreciation and only 30 days notice for us to change the Printer if your needs change… Very popular… as you might imagine).

So our devastatingly simple no cost offer is to visit, understand what you are currently doing in printing and scanning (and what you would do if you could), your preferred way of doing business and then to give you a proposal which is based on what we do: buying and supplying Printers every working day… We call it the Printer Audit.

As an example: Even for bigger businesses, a key question we learnt to ask along the way is: what do you actually like about your current printer?
To avoid staff disappointment on the day your shiny new Printers are fired up, get us to do the detail…


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