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What We Do

In the past few days we have delivered essential items like printer technology, replacement cartridges, paper and office supplies To:

* Families home schooling
* Schools looking after key worker children
* Care homes looking after our elderly
* Pharmacies providing us medicines
* Doctors surgeries caring for our health
* Employees home working
* Businesses providing other essential services
* Manufacturing businesses making things and recycling your waste

Today we’ll do the same & tomorrow. The day after too. In fact we’ll do this for as long as it takes.

Making sure children get taught. Our elderly get care. Your health is covered & other essential businesses can continue.

Our discounted home printing solution is really helping families to home school, teachers at home to set students work and lot’s of businesses who have 1,000’s of employees working from home. It might help you too.

Our team are looked after too. Most working from home and others working alone in key designated places.

If you need supplies delivered to your door please contact us by phone 01296 434666 or email 2dpw@2dprintworld.co.uk through our website or by social messages



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